Last updated: 20th March 2020

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How To Reset Purchase Code Of XeroVidd & Any Other Xerone IT Product

One purchase code can be hooked with one domain or subdomain. However if you change your domain or subdomain, you will need to reset purchase codes to use them for new domain or subdomain. The good news is you do not need to open a support ticket or ask our team to reset your purchase code any more ! Yes, now you can reset your purchase code from your Xerone IT panel. You can reset both Envato purchase codes as well as Xerone IT shop purchase codes inside your Xerone IT panel.

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How To Migrate XeroVidd To Different Server?

Many of ask about migrating XeroVidd to different server. Actually there are lot of ways you can do it. Here we are giving a step you can follow.

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Theme Development

How can i develop own front-end theme with XeroVidd? New

Majority of you guys are interested in XeroVidd extended license. Many of you guys already have a successful business leveraging the power of XeroVidd. Doing business means a powerful and converting sales page. Different people would like to design their sales page in different flow and content. It is not easy for us to meet everyone's requirements and reflect those in a single front-end theme.

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